Sioux Falls Seminary
Feb 18, 2019 11:30 AM
Greg Henson
Sioux Falls Seminary
Higher education faces a three-sided issue. It costs too much to operate, is priced too high for students, and has diminishing value in the eyes of those who might have traditionally considered pursuing a degree of some type. Using graduate theological education as the starting point, Greg will shed light on some of the challenges facing higher education and offer a few possible ways forward. Sioux Falls Seminary has begun testing some of those ideas and has seen uncommon results including lowering student debt, increasing financial operating margins, and dramatically increasing enrollment. 
Networking and lunch from 11:30 am - noon with the program beginning at noon. Lunch costs $15, payable at the door. All programs are recorded and Facebook Live Streamed. Local media are invited to attend to record the session.

Rotary International is one of the premier service organizations in the world. The Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls is among the largest 20 clubs in North America.

Speaker Bio: 

Greg Henson serves as President at Sioux Falls Seminary where he has worked with his team to develop several new approaches to both financial and educational models within theological education. As a published author, speaker on the topics of theological education, innovation, generational theory, missional theology, and competency-based education, Greg seeks to help people see the unique opportunities that exist within the challenges we face in the church and in theological education. Through research conducted on the history and current trends of theological education, Greg has developed a desire to help schools consider how they might create integrated systems of student development that are affordable, accessible, and relevant while remaining faithful to the transformation essence of such an educational journey.