Gettysburg Revisited: Reclaiming Civility in American Public Life
Apr 29, 2019 11:30 AM
Matthew C. Moen, Ph.D.
Gettysburg Revisited: Reclaiming Civility in American Public Life

Abraham Lincoln said Americans could "nobly save or meanly lose" our democracy. Dr. Matthew Moen feels that right now we are doing both and that every American has a stake in the success of our democratic experiment.  During his presentation Dr. Moen will give an understanding of the aftermath of the battle of Gettysburg, including the most famous speech by an American president. He will place America in the context of successful/failed democracies historically and offer personal and public policy solutions to improve civility in public life.

Networking and lunch from 11:30 am - noon with the program beginning at noon. Lunch costs $15, payable at the door. All programs are recorded and Facebook Live Streamed. Local media are invited to attend to record the session.

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Speaker Bio:

Dr. Matthew Moen is President of the Gettysburg Foundation. He is author/co-author of six scholarly books and more than 100 articles/papers; served 15 years as dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and Lohre (Lor-ay) Distinguished Professor at USD; chair of the SD Humanities Council, appointed to the Board by Governor Daugaard; professor/chair of political science, and special assistant to the president, at the University of Maine.

Moen has served on the Board of Directors of seven organizations, including president of the New England Political Science Association and president of the Council of Colleges of Arts & Sciences -- the national organization consisting of 1600 deans at 600 colleges/universities.

He grew up ten blocks from the SF Downtown Holiday Inn. His last appearance before this club was in 2004, when he delivered a talk on liberal arts education miraculously entitled "Aristotle in the World of Donald Trump."

The educational initiative he launched--Gettysburg Revisited--has taken him to more than 12 states and one foreign country, with about 30 appearances to date.