Veteran South Dakota editor Maricarrol Kueter, joined professional journalists Jonathan Ellis of Argus Leader Media, Stephanie Rissler of South Dakota Public Broadcasting and Beth Fuller Jensen of KELOland News, at the Rotary Club of Downtown Sioux Falls, Monday, October 3 meeting, and examined what’s at stake with 10 ballot issues that will be decided by the state’s voters on November 8. Presentations covered: Explanations of state constitutional amendments, initiated measures and referred laws; origin and background of each; effect and impact; pros and cons.

Program Highlights:
  • In the upcoming November election, the ballot has 10 ballot questions for voters to consider.
  • Maricarrol Kueter, reviewed Constitutional Amendment R (re:  technical institutes); and Constitutional Amendment S (re:  Marsy's Law).
  • Jonathan Ellis reviewed Constitutional Amendment V (re:  establishing nonpartisan elections); Initiated Measure 22 (re:  revise State campaign finance, et. al.); and Referred Law 19 (re:  elections/election petitions).
  • Stephanie Rissler reviewed Constitutional Amendment U (re: limit ability to set statutory interest rates); and Initiated Measure 21 (re:  set a maximum finance charge for money lenders).
  • Beth Fuller-Jensen reviewed Constitutional Amendment T (re:  redistricting by a commission); and Initiated Measure 23 (re:  give certain organization right to charge fees).
Next Week’s Program:
Democrat Paula Hawks; Republican Kristi Noem - US House Candidate Debate:  Hawks vs. Noem
October 3, 2016 meeting attendance:
  • Meeting attendance was 114 out of 308 or 37%
  • 70 out of 114 in attendance were Paul Harris Fellows or 61%
  • Also present:  20 Guests; 2 Junior Rotarians; 2 Visiting Rotarians