Posted on Nov 06, 2017

Jay Weems, Vice President of Operations for Avera eCARE discussed how Avera eCARE is making a difference in the lives of millions, impacting the cost of care and patient outcomes. Avera eCARE is telemedicine through two-way video that provides remote delivery of health care service. The mission is "to care for people where they are."

Mr. Weems discussed how technology is saving lives, decreasing costs, and improving quality outcomes within rural and urban communities.  In addition, Avera eCARE impacts Sioux Falls by job creation, supporting economic growth, and bringing national and international leaders into the community.

Program Highlights for November 6, 2017

Avera eCARE is operated from Sioux Falls.  Over 250 people are employed, creating over 35 million dollars in annual revenue.  Avera eCARE is provided in 14 states and over 350 locations.  Avera eCARE brings telemedicine through partnerships with hospitals, schools, nursing homes, clinics, and correctional facilities.  

The Acute and Post Acute telemedicine areas of Avera eCARE include:

1. Emergency Room

2. Intensive Care Unit

3.  Pharmacy

4.  Senior Care

5.  Hospitalists

6.  Behavioral Health

7.  Correctional Care

Ambulatory telemedicine of Avera eCARE include:

1. Consults

2. Schools

3.  Avera Now

4. Specialty 

Avera eCARE is unique in that it provides access and care for many people in areas which they may not have immediate access.  Avera eCARE has gained notoriety, nationally and internationally.  Several notable groups across the nation and the world have toured Avera eCARE to learn about telemedicine.  Some current key healthcare challenges include having better access to care, better care/outcomes, lower costs of healthcare, and workforce stability.  These healthcare challenges are better met with telemedicine through Avera eCARE.  

With 27 years of experience in health care business, finance, and economics, Mr. Weems brings a diverse set of skills to his position. In his current role, Mr. Weems focuses on evaluating market needs, outlining system opportunities, and implementing new virtual care programs. Mr. Weems holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of South Dakota.

Program for November 13, 2017

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